ATTENTION: You are missing out on an extra $594/day in passive income whether you’re selling something or not right now...read on for the important details.

CASE STUDY: Explode Your Profits- Bank An Extra $594/Day In Passive Income In Any Niche Using These Secrets...

Whether you’re a vendor of digital products, run an e-com store or are a complete newbie to earning online, this will show you the profits you’re currently missing out on and how to tap in fast.

Watch this short video for the method details, proof, and how to get started fast.

Consistent Sales System

Is it now possible for you to make an extra $594/day in passive income WITHOUT:

“Is This For Me?”

If you’re anyone already selling something online or even a newbie just looking to get started on the right foot, then yes, this is for you.

This includes:

Let me make it more clear: If you’re currently earning online and want to explode your profits...or are a complete newbie just starting, you are in the right place.

In other words...

You are currently missing out on a TON of profits. How do I know? I was missing out on them too. Since implementing this simple system, I have exploded my passive income.

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

From the Desk Of: Kevin Fahey

There are a few things you are currently not doing that are causing you to lose out on a TON of money. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Whether you have a list of 100 people interested in making money online...or run an e-com store selling teddy bears. You are missing out on a ton of profits and income!

This is especially true if you’re running paid traffic… your ROI can be much, much higher.

...Or if you’re constantly launching products, playing the affiliate recruitment game… you can have your soul back as well as a LOT more of your free time, while earning more reliably and more passively…

I do this in my own business and it has resulted in $594/day on average in additional passive income.

And yes, you can do this regardless of what you’re selling...or reach this if you are a complete newbie just starting out.

Today I’m going to go over with you what you’re missing right now that is costing you a whole bunch of profits...and how you can join me in finally tapping into these profits.


Consistent Sales System

The Consistent Sales System is a product that teaches you how to dramatically increase profits while dramatically reducing time worked in your business…

Basically you’ll be learning how to earn the most on autopilot, regardless of what you’re selling.

More specifically

If you already have a list, or some sort of following, you’ll learn how to quadruple your profits while severely lessening the amount of work you need to do

If you already have a business online that earns money, whether it involves digital products or eCom, you’ll see how to explode your profits by leveraging what you already have

You’ll see how to build a passive income well into five figures without needing to constantly launch products or chase affiliates

You’ll see how to work far less hours, by setting up simple systems that earn for you on autopilot. You can consider these profits machines

Most People Are Doing It All Wrong!

I want to dispel some myths you may have heard...

You need to constantly launch your own products to build a reliable income

There’s a limit to how long a lead will be valuable to you in your business

Without affiliates or paid traffic, your income dies out instantly

There’s nothing you can do to boost your paid traffic ROI

These Are All False.

I have built a $594/day passive income away from relying on affiliates or having to constantly launch new products. And you can do the same thing.

The Sad Truth: Most Vendors Are Screwing You!

Most products you buy online that teach you how to earn are taught by people whose online income is by launching small products, burning the list and launching again next month.

This is the only online marketing “skill” they have...so that is the only thing they can teach you.

That is why they will be working this way for the rest of their lives…

They will never truly achieve passive income because they do everything wrong.

It is actually much easier to apply the Consistent Sales System, to earn more, while working much less and not needing to launch a new product every single month.

And if you are a newbie that doesn’t already sell something online, you can use the Consistent Sales System to get started from square one and build the right way...avoiding this dreaded “launch and burn” method that sucks your soul and is actually worse than a day job…

Explode Your Existing Profits

If you are already earning online, you are missing out on profits. Consistent Sales System will show you how to as much as quadruple your existing profits using tactics most people don’t know about. The best part is they are so simple to implement, and keep your revenue up over time instead of seeing it die and being forced to release new products.

Earn The Most From A List

If you have a list, you are sitting on a goldmine of profits. However most people set up how to extract money from their list the wrong way. Many burn the list fast and others simply don’t know how to milk the most and make the list last for a long time. You’ll learn all of that inside the Consistent Sales System.

Start Working Way Less

If you are constantly having to launch products because your leads and profits die monthly, then you are doing everything all wrong. And if you haven’t started yet and want to, this is the perfect time. You’ll see how to set everything up right from the beginning so you truly do the work once and profit every month after. Even if you run an e-commerce store, you can set this up and watch your profits soar!

Earn Big Without Always Launching

Product creation is tedious, soul draining and not sustainable long term. You need to be able to make profits without relying on launching products. This will show you the right way to set things up so you can do just that.

Finally Profit with Paid Traffic

Most people can’t profit from paid traffic because they set everything up wrong. In this course you’ll see the right way to set things up so that you have the best possible return on investment from paid traffic. If you’re already getting decent returns, this will help you take your profits to the next level.

Newbie? Get Started the Right Way

You may be wondering “but if I’m a newbie, is this for me?” the answer is yes, absolutely. Consistent Sales System was built with newbies in mind, so even if you don’t already have income, you will be shown what to do when you start from square one, and how to build your income the right way. And you’ll be in a better spot than people who started years ago, but still don’t know how to make their income passive.


Keith Everett
Internet Marketer

"BOOM!. I got more than one “A ha moment from Kevin’s new product, the “Consistent Sales System”. This easy to read report will leave you in no doubt on how to sell more of your products using his “special offer” formula. The Bonuses are pretty cool too and easily worth more than the asking price. At the price, it’s a “no brainer” - Keith Everett “Internet Marketer."

Marie Di
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"OMG Kevin! I'm SO glad I offered to review your Consistent Sales System! I mean... I haven't had time look at the videos yet, only the main PDF report, but I wanted to tell you right away: it's a real GOLDMINE! There is no other word for that: Goldmine! For newbies as well as for seasoned marketers. You have really over-delivered... again!"

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"Another winner from Kevin. The 20 page PDF has 25 Strategies in it. That should tell you that it's no-fluff and 100% real world, actionable info. Tip #11 is gold. So obvious yet so easy to miss."

Paul Carr
Internet Marketer

Forget all about the "get rich quick" and "make $1000 in 10 minutes a day" type courses. Kevin's "Consistent Sales System" is a course teaching you exactly how to structure your business to ensure you make the most of the products and services you offer. The main course gives full details of 25 easy ways to continuing selling any product or service all year round. Many ideas and methods I had never even considered, but make perfect sense when you understand how to set them up and put them into action in the right way.

Act Now And We’re Including Three Exclusive Bonuses…

Bonus #1:
Product Setup Bundle

See the top platforms I set my products up on and how you can set these up fast to boost your profits

Bonus #2:
Super Funnel Training

See how to set up the best autopilot profits funnel out there. This is perfect for autopilot profits, you set it up once, and just need to drive traffic to make big profits. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Most do this wrong- make sure you aren’t that person!

Bonus #3:
Mystery Bonus

This bonus contains the exact setup to how I have added well over seven figures to my bottom line. You’ll get access to see exactly how I set this up and can copy it for yourself.

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Consistent Sales System

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Kevin Fahey

Consistent Sales System